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Welcome from the artist, Dale Pack. - Soul Shine Plus Soul Shine Plus

Welcome from the artist, Dale Pack.

Dale Pack Selfie

Welcome to the home of Soulshine, a place on the internet for the works of photographer, Dale Pack. 

Below is a little welcoming note that he has written to all of you. 

Wow! Hello everyone! Some of you know me & some of you don’t. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Dale Pack, I live in the U.S.

I created this page, after much prodding, to have somewhere to post some of my “hobbies”, if you will. I am self taught in all areas, music, art, & photography. If you have any questions about how or why, just ask. 

I will post things as much as possible, I am only one man & I’m limited to the amount of work I can put out. I’m hoping you fine folks will help keep me motivated!

All the songs I have on Soundcloud are available for free download. I will try to rotate the songs I have available currently. I will post new ones as I get them done.

I will also be making some of my prints available for purchase in the near future.

-Thanks for being here!!!!!!!


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